Australian Pairs Tournament

The last tournament of the season took place under clearing skies. Twenty-four players enjoyed Australian Pairs, a fun format which allows both people on a team to play Lead and Skip. The Leads start off with 2 bowls each, then the Skips play their 4 bowls and then the Leads complete the end with their final 2 bowls.  In the next end the roles are reversed. The pattern continues throughout the game.

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The 12 random-draw teams bowled three 10-end games. Two 3-game winners and several 2-game winners necessitated final calculation by point differential. Results were as follows:

1st place – Harry Walker and Ross Sands
2nd place – Chris Jones and Bryan McColl
3rd place – Marie Gorman and Debra Whitman

Thanks once again to Games Chair Gopala for organizing the tournament, Jo Ann Allan for running it, marshals (Alice, Caroline and others) for making sure everyone stayed COVID safe.

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