Looking for a new sport?  

An activity that takes you outside, stimulates your mind and provides some exercise?

Is friendly yet competitive?

Learning Croquet

The best way to learn croquet is by following an organized plan in which each step builds on the last.  The introductory Croquet lessons offered at the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club provide one lesson a week for four weeks, starting with how to use the equipment, working through the rules, and developing skills and strategic understanding.  No previous experience is necessary, but you’ll be pleased by how fast you learn and how much fun you’ll have along the way!

Yes, we’ll make you practice, but we’ll also teach you the most effective and efficient ways to practice, so your skills will develop quickly.  And we’ll give you a week to work on what you’ve learned before you come to class again for the next round of instruction.

Our spring classes for 2019 are:  Mondays beginning April 22 from 10am-noon.  The price is low — only $25 for the full four weeks, and you can use our equipment. This fee can be applied to a novice membership.

Classes will also be held at 5pm beginning Tuesday April 23

Graduates of the course will be prepared to join either the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club or the Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club as a trained player, ready for fun, and ready for any further training desired.

If the scheduled class times won’t work for you or for more information about the lessons, or to register, contact  Pierre Dunn    

Why Play Croquet

Friendly video on how to play (Australian Club)

One on One friendly coaching video from Napa Valley – makes it look like fun – CBS news report

World Team Championships 2016 random shots (awesome)

Practicing for the Snake in the Grass Tournament

Over the winter, any day that the croquet lawn is not being used for other purposes, members may come in and set up a court for croquet.  On even-numbered days, croquet uses the lower lawn; on odd-numbered days, croquet uses the upper lawn.  If you have any questions about court set-up, please contact one of the experienced players to get assistance.

Also, please note that for croquet play, you can come at any time during the open play period.  Games start when there’s room on the court and players available.  Call other players on the contact list to make sure an opponent will be there!

in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC