Player Development

Lessons are available all season. 3 lessons for $25 are offered before deciding to join the Club which can be applied to Membership.

Contact Player Development Co-Chairs MaryLynne Rimer or Anita McCaw for initial caching lessons.

For members wanting some extra help, any of the following certified Club Coaches will be happy to help you: 

Anita McCaw, MaryLynne Rimer, Chris Jones, Norma Alison, Cathy Korpela, David Maher, Paula Parkinson, Kathy Moi, Michael Shepherd, Judy Arsenault, Michael Pardaens.

WORLD BOWLS LAWS OF THE SPORT OF BOWLS, Crystal Mark Fourth Edition, August, 2022

Bowls Canada sells an updated Bowler’s Handbook


Head Coach Davie Mathie takes BC teams to victory in Canadian Senior Triples

Coaching courses

Registration through BC Bowls

March 129 am – 5 pmClub CoachSidney LBCDave Mathie$ 80
Mar 259 am – 5 pmClub CoachJuan de FucaDave Mathie$80
April 19 am – 5 pmClub CoachOak Bay LBCDave Mathie$ 80
March 29-309 am – 5 pmClub CoachQualicum Beach LBCLynn Chwartacki$ 80
March 9-109 am – 5 pmComp. CoachQualicum Beach LBCLynn Chwartacki$120
April 14-156 pm – 9 pm
9 am – 5 pm
Club courseBurnaby N.John Speers$ 80
May 20-219 am – 5 pmComp. CourseN Van LBCJohns Speers$120
June 10-119 am – 5 pmClub CourseMcArthur Park LBCJohn Speers$ 80

Davie Mathie, Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling Club, Head Coach, Umpire and competitor in National and International competitions, recommends this series of videos produced by Dan, The Delivery Doctor (MVP Sports) to up your game The Docs Video Room

Pre-Game Warm Ups

Mathie also offers courses in coaching and Train to Compete to carry social bowlers to the next level.

Other useful video links

The Curlers Guide to Lawn Bowling courtesy of the Peterborough club of Ontario

Lawn Bowls Etiquette

How Lawn Bowls are Made