Victoria Lawn Bowling Club
Cook St. & Park Blvd (east side of Beacon Hill Park)
Victoria  BC
Phone:  250-383-5851
Mailing Address:  PO Box 23011  RPO Cook St.
Victoria  BC V8V 4Z8

TITLE                          NAME                        

President                 MaryLynne Rimer
Vice-President     Kathy Moi
Treasurer                 Barb Marriott
Secretary                 Bill Huot                       
Membership          Keith Newhouse
Rentals                      Lorne Oakes
Public Relations  Carol Costello
Games                       Anita McCaw
Coaching                 vacant           

House                        Peter Rassenti
Hospitality             Annie Boldt
Croquet                   Kathy Moi
Greens                      Peter Gilchrist         
Barb Marriott       Novice Women’s Interclub League

Honorary President        Angelina Flath
Sunshine Lady                    Debra Whitman

Please check which executive member you would like to direct your message to