On even numbered days of the month, lawn bowling will be on the upper green. On odd numbered days, bowling will be on the lower green. Croquet will take place on the opposite green.

Organized/scheduled club bowling, tournaments and leagues run from our official Opening Day May 4, 2024 to the end of October. See our Calendar for more details.

See (click on) Tournament and Fun Days Schedule

OFF SEASON BOWLING October to April – Member organized daily draws. Tags in by 12:45 pm for a 1:00 pm draw.

With wet weather, the greens are soft and susceptible to damage. This will be constant until April, and everyone must take extra care.

Footwear: As always, everyone must wear footwear without sharp heels and without heavy ridges or grooves.  The smoother the better. Shoes kept at the club are preferred but not required.

If there is snow or frost on the greens, the greens must not be used because the blades and roots will be damaged. After heavy rains, the greens should be evaluated in several areas checking for vulnerable spots.

Everyone should stay off:

·         If there are visible puddles anywhere on the greens.

·         If the ground is visibly soft, especially if walking leaves footprints

·         If water gushes out underfoot or if there is a squishing sound.

·         If it just seems very wet.


·         Always use the green groundsheets in front of the blue mat to protect the bowling green during delivery of your bowls.

·         Move the mat forward a metre or two rather than staying at the 2-metre line.

·         Take extra care to reduce or avoid lobbing the bowl, which plows big dents in the green.

·         Play a variety of rinks, including the side rinks so no part of the green gets overused

CROQUET – no jump shots

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