Gleanings from Minutes 1928-1962

Researched and compiled by Honorary Life Member and former webmaster Jo Ann Allan

The following are excerpts from the minutes of the Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Club.

1929 – Victoria and Burnside are playing bi-monthly, alternating greens. In this year, Saturday tea days, which included the men, were also started but later rescinded and served only when the men expected visitors.

June 17 1930Mrs Butchart presented a cup for a tournament between Burnside Ladies and the Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Club.  The 3 skips were chosen by their respective clubs and the skips chose their team of 4’s. The winner was determined by the best of 3 games of 18 ends; the tournament was played on neutral greens. Victoria won in 1930. This tournament was last played at the Oak Bay LBC on May 10 1969 and was retired 2 years later.

1931 – The ladies from the Victoria West Brotherhood Lawn Bowling Club were invited to participate in the Butchart Cup. There were 4 games played a week or more apart. Only one team from each of the 3 clubs participated.

Burnside and Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Clubs had bimonthly games.

The Peace Cup was a men’s day tournament and the ladies club were asked to provide a luncheon and afternoon tea.

Mrs Butchart donated the Rose Bowl as a League Cup. She was also honorary president of the Greater Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Association for several years.

At the end of each year, the Greenskeeper received $5 and the chair of the Greens committee was presented with a tie.

Mrs Thos A Simmons (Florence Frances Lee) was secretary/treasurer from 1928  – 1945. On her retirement, members gathered to honor her. She was given a corsage bouquet and a leather handbag, a gift from the assembled guests.. In 1947, she was president of the Greater Victoria Lawn Bowling Association and was the club games convenor.  (The BSI Simmons Cup is named after her). In 1957, she was listed as a life member.

In 1931, their were 17 members. Membership fee was $3. Prospective members had to apply for membership and be approved.

February 1935 the Greater Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Association held a card party. There were 34 tables of bridge, a game of 500, and a tombola.

July 1935 – Tournament Week began. There was a wind-up dinner and dance at the end of the week with 500 tickets sold.

During the war, many knitting parties were held as fundraisers and to knit socks, turtleneck tuck ins, gloves, sweaters, and afghans. These were donated to the Connaught Seamen’s Institute. Wool became increasingly difficult to obtain so they changed to making stuffed toys for the BC Toy Club  but would continue to knit if wool became available. Because sugar and tea were rationed, each member had to bring their own tea and a teaspoon of sugar.

Entertaining other clubs was discontinued in order to spend more time and effort at raising funds for the war effort. Also, gas and transportation became difficult. Consomme soup was served for evening games instead of tea or coffee, both of which were on the ration list.

1943 – entry fee for tournaments was 25 cents.

The Men’s Club wanted to raise ladies membership fees and they were promptly reminded of how much money the ladies had raised and donated to the men’s club. The fees were not raised.

1943 Mrs McKeachie nominated as honorary President. She had served for many years on the executive and was very active in club affairs as well as with the Greater Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Association.

1944 – Carpet bowling held in private homes.

July 10 1947, the club celebrated their 25th Silver Jubilee anniversary. An invitation to all the other clubs was extended to join the celebration. Men invite themselves to the ladies meeting and wanted to make the occasion special. According to the minutes, the men “promised everything but the moon”.

August 21 1947 – Bowlers on a goodwill tour visit the club. They also play at 4 other greens.

Oct 15 1947 – retiring president, Mrs. Huxtable, was presented with 2 pairs of nylons. (very valuable in the post war period). In 1957, she was listed as a life member.

1949 – from The Daily Colonist

L-R Front Row
Miss E Douglas – Simmons Trophy – VLBC; Mrs A W Stewart – Stanley Cup – Burnside for doubles with Mrs Pass; Mrs Pass – Wenger Cup – Burnside – singles; Mrs H H Pearce, president VLBC – Butchart Cup – won by Vic West; Mrs H M Lloyd Vic West

L-R Back Row

Mrs B Munro VLBC; Mrs R Lyall; Mrs W Wallace; Mrs Jack Keating – all from VLBC

1957 – Club voted to change players each time for the Butchart Cup so that more players who would like to play had a chance to do so.

1961Butchart Cup up for review – to play or not to play? The Greater Victoria Ladies Lawn Bowling Association decided to continue the tournament but changed the format from 18 end games to two 16 end games to be played over 3 days a week apart.

1962 Lake Hill LBC joins the Butchart Cup tournament.

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