Information for Members

VBCC Code of Conduct

Victoria Bowls and Croquet Club (formerly Victoria Lawn Bowling Club, “VBCC” or “the Club”) acknowledges that courtesy & respect is fundamental to building successful relationships in a club environment. VBCC accordingly strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone is respectful. This Code of Conduct is subject to Club Bylaws, Rules, and Policies.

Scope -This Code of Conduct for members is not limited by physical proximity to the Club. It also applies off-site when members are representing the Club. It extends to written and verbal communications, and online or virtual communications such as emails, texts, and social media reasonably understood to pertain to VBCC.

A member is responsible for the conduct of all family, friends and other guests who attend the club at their invitation.

Code of Conduct Requirements and Expectations:  

Members to exhibit a high standard of behaviour that demonstrates:  

  • respect and integrity in their communications and actions
  • awareness and compliance with the Club Bylaws, Policies and applicable Rules.

Expectations include but are not limited to:

  • refraining from rude, abusive, or bullying behaviour that negatively impacts club members or damages the reputation of the Club
  • not using sexualized, racial, threatening or offensive language & imagery that disrupts the enjoyment or use of the Club by all members
  • treating the greens, clubhouse and all other Club assets with respect
  • members and guests refraining from the use of illicit drugs, cannabis, e-cigarettes/vaping & smoking on club premises

No form of harassment, discrimination or violence will be tolerated whether a single incident, or continuing over a period of time. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • sexual, physical or verbal harassment
  • spreading malicious rumours
  • discrimination or intimidation of any kind

Members are expected to be truthful and refrain from personal attacks in all interactions, including while attending Club meetings and during any Club election process.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may be subject to discipline agreed to by the Executive.

Members are asked to make any confidential complaint about breaches of the Code of Conduct to the Club President or Vice-President.


We cannot emphasize enough the need for members to volunteer in order to keep our club running and help make it a dynamic place to be. See, for example, our recognition of Volunteers in 2022

Rentals bring in much of the club’s revenue. Each rental requires setup/take-down and introductory coaching. Depending on numbers, a rental requires 4 to 10 volunteers per event. Signup sheet on hallway notice board.

Greens maintenance – Although we have the guidance and assistance of a professional greens consultant, all of the greens maintenance, trimming and cutting of verges is done by club volunteers. This includes mowing and rolling greens several times a week and keeping ditches clear. Contact Chris Jones.

Grounds -Did you know that all our beautiful flowers and border arrangements are tenderly watered, trimmed and cared for all summer by a garden crew of member volunteers? These beautiful begonias (bulbs) are stored and replanted each spring. Contact Chris Jones.

Kitchen Hospitality – Every event, tea or tournament at the club is made possible by the large number of kitchen volunteers who prepare, serve and cleanup. This entails hours or work and many hands. Members can also donate baked goods. Contact Kathy Moi

Bowling leagues, daily draws and tournaments – All club play is run by member volunteers. Consider being the draw-master, running a tournament or overseeing a league. BSI tournaments require many volunteers (greens setup, take-down, managing, marking). Contact Anita McCaw

Coaching/player development – Each spring, after a volunteer-run Open House, coaches put in many hours teaching new bowlers and croquet players. Take a coaches’ course and introduce others to the sport. Contact Donna Del Torre

These are just a few of the ways that members can contribute to the success of our club. If you can lend an hour or a day, contact a Committee Chair and you will soon find your niche.

Dress Code

Bowling: For the daily draw and league play, any color of clothing may be worn. Club colours (royal blue) and/or white are encouraged on designated days (such as Opening Day) and tournaments but not mandatory. Avoid wearing red in tournaments so as not to be confused with an umpire who is identified by a red shirt or jacket.

Shoes need to be flat soled to protect the greens. They should not be worn on the street in order to prevent plant infections from infecting the greens.


3 ½ hour parking on south side of Park Blvd and in lot off Nursery Rd. next to the club. No parking restrictions in the Nursery Rd. lot on weekends.

Special parking privileges for players and officials during tournaments. Obtain sign from tournament director for placement in your car.

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