The Club, located in Beacon Hill Park, is central to downtown Victoria and the neighbourhoods of James Bay, Fairfield, Rockland and Fernwood. Our fully equipped clubhouse is flanked by two greens containing 16  rinks.

                                                                           COMING SOON


In accordance with the December 2, 2020 Provincial Health Order, adult sports are no longer allowed to be held in BC.  As such, all activities at the club are suspended until further notice. 

“adult team sport” means an organized and structured activity involving a number of
participants, including basketball, cheerleading, combat sports, floor hockey, floor ringette, road hockey, ice hockey, ringette, netball, skating, soccer, curling, volleyball, indoor bowling, lawn bowling, lacrosse, hockey, ultimate, rugby, football, baseball, softball;

“For certainty, this Part applies to and prohibits indoor group high intensity fitness
activity, and adult team sport in any place.”


!!! 111 YEARS !!!

On June 14, 2020, we celebrated the beginning of our 111th year. When we opened for play again on June 15, it was like opening all over again as a new beginning with COVID 19 as a major interruption to our usual strawberry tea celebration on the 14th as well as our usual way of doing things. But our enthusiasm for getting back on the green is higher than ever.