The Club, located in Beacon Hill Park, is central to downtown Victoria and the neighbourhoods of James Bay, Fairfield, Rockland and Fernwood. Our fully equipped clubhouse is flanked by two greens containing 16  rinks.

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Things are a bit different due to COVID 19 and we are committed to providing a safe environment for you to learn to play.  (See our Covid protocols below)
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Membership Information

For croquet

Starting May 1, our coaches will be ready to show you around the club and to teach you the basics of either or both sports  
To reach us:
Email the Player Development Chair for either or both sports at
MaryLynne Rimer – bowlsplayerdevelopment@victorialbc.co
Pierre Dunn – croquetplayerdevelopment@victorialbc.com
OR      Call the club at 1-250-383-5851 


COVID Protocols

In an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19, viaSport has ruled and confirmed that, effective immediately,  bowlers may only play at one club.  More info

  • Please come a few minutes ahead of the play start times to sign in and complete a new Medical Questionnaire and sign a new Waiver Agreement. Please follow the new guideline of 3 metres (10 ft) social distance, should there be a line up to come into the clubhouse.
  • One person at a time in the locker rooms.
  • One person at a time in washrooms.
  • Face Masks are always required inside and outside.
  • Sign in at the desk – no online reservations. First come first serve.
  • The new 3 metres social distance is required during play for bowling and croquet.
  • Bowlers may have to wait their turn on the verge until the mat area is cleared by the first bowler.  Due to the new grass on the upper green verges, you will most likely see bowling take place on the lower green. 
  • Only one person in the head at one time, including to count score.
  • One empty rink between each lane remains as before.
  • Large green mats must be in use during winter play.

!!! 111 YEARS !!!

On June 14, 2020, we celebrated the beginning of our 111th year. When we opened for play again on June 15, it was like opening all over again as a new beginning with COVID 19 as a major interruption to our usual strawberry tea celebration on the 14th as well as our usual way of doing things. But our enthusiasm for getting back on the green is higher than ever.