The Club, located in Beacon Hill Park, is central to downtown Victoria and the neighbourhoods of James Bay, Fairfield, Rockland and Fernwood. Our fully equipped clubhouse is flanked by two greens containing 16  rinks.

Greens are open

The bowling schedule is the same as in the summer – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all day and Sunday afternoons.

All bowling will be in a modified version of crown bowling which is a really fun game to play. After all the tags are in by 1 PM, one of the bowlers makes up the teams (singles, pairs or cutthroat) and plays as per the Crown Bowling Guide.

You will find mats (footers) and jacks in a box labelled “Crown Bowling” in the clubhouse

Please return the equipment to this box after you have finished playing.

The croquet schedule also remains the same as the summer version – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (2 greens) and Sunday afternoons (one green)

Fresh air, exercise and friends
Soaking up the sun.

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Membership Information

For croquet

COVID Protocols

The following are the new protocols

What we still need to do

Only fully vaccinated members are permitted to enter the clubhouse
2 people only in equipment shed
Masks are still required in the clubhouse