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Grippo    $9.00 ea.    

How to use Grippo on bowls:

Use Grippo once a week to protect against wear and tear. It will also help to get rid of small scratches.

To clean bowls:

Wilgrip   $7.50 ea.

Henselite Polishing Sleeves  $8
Use with Grippo or Wilgrip for a perfect polish and secure grip

Crackajack Bowls Polish

$6.00 ea.

Toucha Bowl Marker   $11.00 ea.

Portable, handy and may be applied to bowl without any risk of moving the bowl.

  • Wash bowls in hot water & mild detergent
  • Rinse & dry
  • Apply Grippo sparingly with fingertips
  • Air dry & buff with soft cloth

For marking touchers

  • Visible on black and coloured bowls – clearly visible at a distance of 1.5m
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Now 10g contents in pressure pack
  • Metered applicator – up to 250 applications

Used Chalk Markers – good condition

Used Measuring Tapes
Various prices

New String Measures – $49 

Club Crests   $5.50 ea.

Club Pins   $3.00 ea.

Canadian Championships 2017 pins  $5 ea.

Bowls Canada Boulingrin 2015 Law of Sport of Bowls
$10.00 ea.   (while in stock)

Bowls Marker Labels   $2.50
In The Groove Books    $3.00
Lawn Bowlers Handbook  $4.00


Note the following information is for reference only. Victoria Lawn Bowling Club does not carry or sell these items. Interested parties please contact MPV’s agent Shelley Sidel directly.
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