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Items Available at the Clubhouse – Members Only

Contact: Anita McCaw

Aerosol marker$14.00
Grippo – polishes, gives grip$9.00
Crack-a-Jack bowls polish $6.00
Wilgrip – concentrated grip$7.50
Measure – new string$49.00
Measure used – when available prices vary on condition
Club crests$3.50
Club pins$3.00
In the Groove: Advance Bowling Tactics (Australia, 2013)$3.00
Lawn Bowlers Handbook$5.00

New bowls and equipment can be ordered from MPV Sports. Interested parties please contact MPV’s agent Shelley Sidel directly. Note the information below is for reference only. Victoria Bowls and Croquet Club does not carry or sell bowls or equipment.

MPV Price List, Stock Accessories

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