2021 Australian Pairs Entry Listing

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Date of EntryNameRegistrationCancellation
06/22/2021norma alison
06/21/2021Bryan McColl
06/16/2021Dylis McGibbon (spare)
06/15/2021Marion Allen
06/15/2021norma alison
06/14/2021Brent Jansen
06/14/2021Michael Shepherd
06/14/2021Brenda Janke
06/14/2021Michael Pardaens
06/13/2021Allan Amey
06/14/2021Ross Sands
06/13/2021Keith Newhouse
06/13/2021Cathy Korpela
06/12/2021Sandy H
06/12/2021Marie G
06/12/2021Barb M
06/11/2021Pierre P
06/11/2021Alice A
06/12/2021skip C
06/08/2021Gopala Gowda
Date of EntryNameRegistrationCancellation