Clean-up Day 2016

Our dedicated members come out to help preen the greens and surrounds as well as spruce up the club house for outdoor bowling season.

Clean-Up Troop At Work


We couldn’t have asked for better weather on March 30 for this task! It was warm; the sun was shining brilliantly and we all had fun. The camaraderie amongst these members was wonderful. A fellow bowler from Kamloops, the father of one of our members (Bryan), also came out to help! In between mowing the surrounds, weeding the banks of both greens, dumping the weeds, getting the leaf blower going, cleaning the kitchen as well as all the windows etc., we had a great time visiting and catching up on news of one another’s adventures in the winter. And much to Kiyoshi’s delight, we even mused on the spirited Japanese curling team. Besides focusing on cleaning up the kitchen, Marianne Siemens spoiled us by bringing a tray of tea and coffee plus her delicious home-made flourless chocolate cake onto the playing field!

We all had another good visit at lunch. Some brought goodies to share, which is always a delight. Then came the crunch … the few muscle men we had went out to do the most arduous job of putting back all the heavy benches! Some of our ladies even washed all of these benches.

Many thanks to those who came out to help in all the tasks simply for our enjoyment of yet another great bowling season! Volunteers are continually needed in various areas – please ask any of the Executive members. You will be greatly appreciated!

in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC