We acknowledge with appreciation all the hours put in by club members over the year.

Hospitality Committee 2018: Annie Boldt, Anne Novak, Rose Westcott and Caroline Mitchell

VLBC’s Standing Rules set out the duties of the Hospitality Committee (4 or more members) as being “in charge of providing refreshments for club and inter-club competitions and visiting groups.” In fact, the Committee—which many of us take for granted—does so much more. Add to the above duties: ensuring that tea/coffee and refreshments are provided for Sunday tea days, calculating/ordering and picking up supplies for all events, enlisting and overseeing volunteers for set-up serving and cleanup.

In addition, it has been several years now since the Club has had a Social Chair or Committee and therefore the organization and work of putting on special events (Open House, Opening Day, Founder’s Day, July 1st and others) have also fallen to the Hospitality Committee.

Caroline, Rose, Anne and Annie

Thank you for the commitment and hard work each of you has contributed this year, and to all the kitchen volunteers that help out.


Every spring following Open House, club coaches volunteer to teach the basic skills of lawn bowls to beginner bowlers. Each coach has minimally completed the Bowls Club Coach put on by BC Bowls. The Victoria Lawn Bowling Club would like to express appreciation for the contribution made by our 2018 head coach Ralph Huston, the continued expertise of long-term coaches George Gibson, Angelina Flath, Bill Huot, Chris Jones and relative newcomers Randy Small and Cathy Korpela.

Photos: Nigel Pieloth

We also acknowledge and appreciate the time and expertise contributed by 2017 head coach Norma Alison and coaches Vera Creelman, Jo Ann Allan and Debra Whitman.

When it comes to volunteering, top honour goes to long-term Victoria Lawn Bowling Club member Knut Berg.

Handyman Knut hard at work

One can seldom visit the club without finding Knut working quietly away on some outdoor maintenance project; for example, weeding along the fences, cleaning garden beds, repairing and painting benches or replacing backboards. If you need to know anything about the equipment or tools, handyman Knut is sure to know the answer. Thank you Knut for your expertise and the thousands of hours you’ve dedicated to the club.