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Lessons are available all season. There are 3 lessons for $25 which can be applied to a novice membership.

The Spring lesson sessions have finished but lessons can still be arranged. Contact Jo Ann at for more information.

For members wanting some extra help with coaching, contact any one of the club coaches to arrange a lesson.

May Drill Sessions


Q: Is the second in Triples allowed to be at the head until they play their bowls? Or do they start and stay at the mat end until they have played their bowls? Would the team have the choice of either?

A: Unless the conditions of play for an event state otherwise, the second may stand at the head with the skip until it is time to deliver their first bowl. Each team has the choice to position their second at either end of the rink at the start of each end.

Q: As the skips may delegate the responsibility of maintaining the score card, does that mean that the player in charge of the score card is also responsible for maintaining the scoreboard at the end of the rink?

A: Responsibility for the score card is one of the skip’s duties, as defined in law 40.1.7. In Canada, this responsibility may be transferred to another player on the team if both skips agree to do so, and if both players are in the same position.

In Canada, the scoreboard is not an official record of the score, so there are no regulations regarding who updates the scoreboard. Typically, a member of the team that lost the previous end will update the scoreboard, while the other team is delivering the jack and the first bowl. When the skips are at the score board end, one of the skips will do it. Otherwise, another team member will do so. If there is any disagreement with the score, the score cards are the official record, and it is up to the score card keepers to agree on the score.

Q: In the situation where Team 1’s jack needs to be re-rolled, does the lead for Team 2 get to reposition the mat, or does it stay where Team 1’s lead originally placed it?

A: If the jack is delivered and comes to rest on the rink at a distance that is less than 2 metres from the front ditch, it must be moved out to the 2 metre mark on the centre line, before play commences. The first player to deliver the jack at the start of an end can place and centre the mat on the rink anywhere between the 2 metre mark and the first hog line. If the jack is delivered improperly, it is returned, and the opposing lead or player can reposition the mat and re-deliver the jack. If both players have improperly delivered the jack, the jack is placed at the 2 metre mark. The player who first delivered the jack can also reposition the mat before they deliver their first bowl. If portable groundsheets are in use, the groundsheet may be moved so that it is in the correct position at the front edge of the mat (i.e. the mat position determines the position of the groundsheet, rather than the reverse). This is permitted under the BCB Domestic Regulation (approved April 2015) regarding the use of groundsheets, unless the greenskeeper directs otherwise.

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