Hail to Our Volunteers

We acknowledge with appreciation all the hours put in by club members over the years.

Updating safety features at our club

Men at Work – Rolf and Ralph installing the handrail on the north side of the clubhouse

The finished rail

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It won’t be long before we can open the club  and when we do, the grass and the letters in the club name are going to look really good.

Thank you to our intrepid volunteers.


Over the winter, there has been a lot of very windy days blowing twigs, leaves, and needles onto the green. In this photo, Knut is sweeping up all that debris – Thank you Knut!

Greens Maintenance

Our greens don’t look this good without a lot of our members contributing a lot of their time doing all the maintenance chores. We all enjoy playing on such well maintained grass. So kudos to the following:

Bob Cameron     David Maher
Frank Leavitt     Keith Newhouse
Kirby Rimer     Larry Martin  Ross Sands


Gardens and Grounds

A lot of effort has gone into improving our grounds this year that should be acknowledged. Al Siemens looks after the verges. In this he is assisted by Knute, Peter Rassenti, KC, and Lorne Oakes. The garden areas are unofficially tended by KC as well. Her’s is a significant set of chores. George Gibson spends hours on our ditches.

The Adopt-a-Pot was put together this year as a way of spreading the gardening load. Many have volunteered to have one or many pots as their own mini gardens. Each person looks after their patch and bears any costs. It has been suggested that we could expand on this project in the future. If other members wish to get involved they can, by first contacting Lorne Oakes. Please, no freelancing.

And here are some examples in their early stages growth.

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In 2019, the Club will host 17 private events, plus Lawn Summer Nights in July and a local school. Each of these events takes an average of five volunteers to welcome our guests and introduce them to lawn bowling. Thank you to each and every member who has given their time for this very important task.


During all 4 Friday mornings in May, there have been 4 volunteers who helped each week with the Drill sessions – removing bowls, resetting bowls, resetting jacks, setting up the challenges for each green  – all 16 of them, and even giving a few pointers on how to tackle the drill. They made everything run so smoothly!

George Gibson
Anita McCaw
Elaine Huber
Cathy Korpela

(Webmaster, Coach, Player Development)

Presentation by 2017-19 President MaryLynne Rimer to Jo Ann Allan in appreciation of her contribution to the Club

Being webmaster to the VLBC’s informative and interesting website is just one of the ways that Jo Ann Allan has contributed to the Club over the years.  A long term member, Jo Ann has also given many hours to player development (workshops/manuals), coaching, oversight/organization of tournaments (both Club and BSI) and booking/organizing the women’s lunch bunch.  Thank you Jo Ann for all that you do so expertly and efficiently.