Membership Information

In an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19, viaSport has ruled and confirmed that, effective immediately,  bowlers may only play at one club.

ViaSport will not allow  bowlers to bowl at two locations, whether they are members of the two clubs or not.  Consequently, each bowler must decide now which one club they chose to bowl at this summer and ONLY bowl at that club from this time forward.   It does not matter which club the bowlers have joined first or which club the bowlers have paid their Bowls Canada fees to.  Those factors do not enter into the bowlers decision which club that they chose to bowl at during this summer.  The decision is entirely up to the bowler.

All bowlers who belong to more than one club must, IMMEDIATELY, chose which club they will bowl at.

For bowlers who have joined more than one club and who have already bowled at a club that will not be their bowling club of choice, the bowler must immediately cease bowling at that club and wait for a period of ten days before bowling at the club of their choice.  This waiting period is in lieu of not being able to change clubs at all.

Bowls BC is entering into discussions with viaSport to, possibly, allow bowlers to change clubs when their chosen club closes for the winter and the bowler wishes to continue to bowl at a club with artificial turf.  We are hoping that we can successfully negotiate a club change at that time, however, that decision will not be made until much later in  the season.  We will keep you informed of any developments in this regard.

Membership Fees for Bowling and Croquet

Adult members – $250 -This is a full year’s membership valid Mar 15 – Mar 14 and includes the use of club bowls and locker, croquet and use of club equipment, coaching and player development, and winter social activities.

Junior members (18 and under) $35 – valid for one year Mar 15 – Mar 14

Duplicate Membership – $215.00 –  This fee applies to individuals who are applying to VLBC as their 2nd club. The Bowls BC fees of $35 are included in the membership fee for the home club. This is a full year’s membership valid Mar 15 – Mar 14.

Social membership – $30 – valid Oct – Oct – This includes participation in any of the club’s social activities

Lessons can be arranged
Cost:  3 lessons for $25 – can be applied to membership fee
Contact: MaryLynne Rimer  bowlsplayerdevelopment@victorialbc


Complete the online membership form

Download the membership form.  Mail it in or drop it off at the club with a cheque

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Payments can also be made by Interac
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Never bowled? It’s never too late to learn!

What is special about lawn bowling?

  • The game is inexpensive. Yearly membership fees entitle you to play in the games at no charge (excluding tournaments and a minimal charge for league play)
  • Beginners can use the Club’s bowls at no cost
  • You don’t need a partner
  • You don’t need a team. Teams are drawn up from players who show up for the afternoon game.
  • All positions on the teams are important so it doesn’t matter if you have lots of experience and are a good bowler, or just a beginner!
  • You do need to wear smooth flat-soled shoes to protect the greens.

And, of course, you can join in our social activities that occur throughout the year and during winter. (Due to COVID 19, our usual indoor winter activities are cancelled)

Benefits of Membership:
•     Virtually unlimited bowling – 7 days a week in the daily draws if one wishes
•     Men’s league on Monday mornings,  Ladies’ league on Wednesday mornings, and an  Interclub Novice League on Friday mornings if one wants to participate
•    Croquet usually Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays all year long weather permitting as well as ongoing player development
•     Participation in club and inter-club men’swomen’s, or mixed tournaments
•     World wide drop-in privileges at any lawn bowling club
•     Ongoing bowling player development with coaches, drill sessions, and clinics
•     Clubhouse locker
•     Use of club bowls for one year
•     Summer Social Events: Founders Day, Canada Day, “Fun Days”, BBQ’s
•     Winter Social Events: Bridge (duplicate and social), Book Club, Lunch Bunch, Crib, Mahjong, Xmas Party
•     Bowling Halloween, New Years Day and Valentine`s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, weather permitting
•     The chance to make new friends along with fresh air and exercise to keep you healthy