For New Members


For the daily draw, any color of clothing may be worn.

Whites are to be worn on designated days such as Opening Day, tea days (usually Saturdays), visits, and special club events, and for tournaments. Whites refers to white or cream pants, shirts or skirts. Colored shirts may be worn by all team members in a tournament provided the shirts are all the same. Hats can be any color. Outer wear for inclement weather may be any color. Avoid wearing red so as not to be confused with an umpire who is identified by a red shirt or jacket.

Shoes need to be flat soled to protect the greens. They should not be worn on the street in order to prevent plant infections from infecting the greens.


3 ½ hour parking on south side of Park Blvd and in lot off Nursery Rd. next to the club. No parking restrictions in the Nursery Rd. lot on weekends.

Special parking privileges for players and officials during tournaments. Obtain sign from tournament director for placement in your car.


lawn-mowerGreens, Gardens, and Lawns – a professional greenskeeper maintains our greens but there are plenty of associated tasks filled by volunteers


kitchen Kitchen – Our most valuable helpers who provide many of the food services for the club. Refreshments are served regularly on Saturdays and during every tournament. Contributions of goodies or snacks very appreciated.

beverageBeverage – This person makes sure our fridge is stocked with those cold drinks so appreciated after a warm day in the sun.


drawmasterDraw Masters – A number of experienced bowlers help with the regular daily draws.


game-set-upSet up for Matches  – Every game and tournament needs people to help set up the greens ready for play. The more help given, the easier it is. This includes scoreboards, mats, jacks,  rink markers, and rakes that all need to be distributed to the  appropriate rink.