SIBO 2018 Entry Form

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June 29 – July 1, 2018

$1000.00 FIRST PRIZE Guaranteed

Entry Form

Name of Skip: ______________________________________________

Province/State/Country: ______________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________________

Name of Lead: _____________________________________________

Province/State/Country: ____________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________

Entry fee is per PLAYER: $50 per SIBO Member / $80 per Non-SIBO Member

Note: If you want to be a SIBO Member, cost is $25 annually which you can include with your tournament registration fee.


Please include the cost with your entry fee and complete the selection choices below:

1) Lunch (incl. snacks all day & BBQ dinner): June 30 – $12.00 ____ (per person)

2) BBQ dinner only: June 30 – $5.00 ____ (per person)

3) Lunch (incl. snacks all day): July 1 – $12.00 ____ (per person)

Please select choice of meal and how many for the BBQ:

Beef ____ Chicken ____ Veggie ____

Note: If guests are attending, they too can purchase the meals listed above. Please enclose payment for guest(s) meals with entry form.

Please print off entry form and include cheque, payable to SIBO. Entry form and fees must be received by June 16, 2018.

Mail to:

Craig Wilson
16-6947 Grant Road West
Sooke, BC, V9Z 0P2

Inquiries: Craig Wilson Phone: 250-642-7091