2021 Tournament Results

Totem Scotch Pairs
Congratulations to all the Winners

Winners Cathy Korpela Marion Allen
32nd Place Dave Maher Don Allan
3rd Place Randy Small Brenda Janke

Jean Wright Mixed Triples
Congratulations to all the Winners

Gary Badgley Keith Newhouse Marie Gorman
2nd place Reid Huzzey Alice Albert Missing Lorne Oakes Caroline Mitchell Wayne Oakley
3rd Place Don Allan Christine Huzzey Missing Mervyn Hulbert

Australian Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to all the winners

Winners – Skip Charlton and Keith Newhouse
2nd Place – Brent Jansen – due to unforeseen circumstances Brent played with Marion Allen, Alice Albert, and Peter Gilchrist
3rd Place – Cathy Korpela and Ross Sands

Image result for Happy Clip Art. Size: 105 x 103. Source: www.clipartmax.com

And for those of you who do not think that you get enough exercise while lawn bowling, here are some stats for you. In the Australian Pairs, while playing 3 – 10 end games, you will do 120 deep knee bends; throw a 3 pound bowl at least 21 metres 120 times; and take approximately 8500 steps or walk about 5.5 km.


Everyone was so glad to be able to play a tournament again. As a result, there was an excellent turn out for this our first tournament of the year – on Sunday June 13 – the Joan Turner Mixed Triples.

Congratulations to all the winners

First Place L-R – Michael Paerdans, skip Dave Maher, and Marie Gorman
2nd Place – L-R Pierre Pomerleau, skip Keith Newhouse, and Marion Allen
3rd place – skip Don Allan, in the background – John Wigle, missing – Barb Marriott and Chris Huzzey

in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC