2018 Tournament Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the last Tournament of the Season – the Veterans McKeachie Cup


                               Ross Sands                       Nigel Pieloth                   Marie Gorman


                                                                                         Runners Up                                                                                                                           George Gibson                         Peter Gilchrist                        Gopal Gowda


                                                                                 3rd Place                                                                                                              Frank Leavitt               Barb Marriott             Angelina Flath
Congratulations to the Winners of the
Knut Berg Charity Tournament
                                     George Gibson          Caroline Mitchell              Mari Earthy
Congratulations to Carah Webster winner of the Canadian National Youth Championships. She is a local bowler and she will be off to compete in the World’s Youth Indoor Lawn Bowling Championships in Glasgow, Scotland in Dec 2018




Congratulations to our club’s Singles Winners

                 Paula Parkinson                          Lorne Oakes


Women’s Runner up  Debra Whitman


Women’s 3rd place – Susan Kainer







  Men’s 3rd Place John Wigle
Men’s Runner up    Nigel Pieloth






Congratulations to the Winners of the
81st Simmons Women’s Triples


            June Klausen           Anne Murfitt            Cecelia Wilson
                                             Gordon Head VLBC

Runners Up

2nd place   Julie Dickson    Judy Hambleton       Linda Turnbull                                                              Juan de Fuca LBC
 3rd place             Debby Davey          Lori Brown           Annie Dougherty                                                                                          Cowichan LBC


4th  Janet Gardner  Gail Richards  Maggie Mason  G H LBC

5th   Anne Mathie  Sue Smith  Wendy Lubinich  J de F LBC

6th   Josie Tan  Jill Foster  Donna Adamowicz G H LBC

7th  Betty Walker  Louise Mason  Karen Evans  Oak Bay LBC

8th  Colleen Buckley Nancy Oberholtzer  Flo Steele  Vic West LBC

9th  Betty McDougalll  Cherlynn McArthur  Pei Mei Chia  J de F LBC

10th  Sharon Kennedy  Joanne Scarbro  Jen Blair  J de F LBC

11th  Sharon Ward  Gayle Mantell   Debbie Shenkenfelder
J de F LBC

12th  Gale Law  Dorothy Verge  Wendy Finnigan  Gordon Head LBC

Congratulations to
the Totem Scotch Pairs Winners


                                  Anita McCaw                                       Debra Whitman
                  Ken Hicks               George Gibson
            Libby Weiser            Rose Westcott




Congratulations to the Novice Winners

                                                      Paula Parkinson


                                                                                 Lyle Roberts

She’s done it again – Congratulations to the Winners of the Dewar Cup Women’s Pairs

                                          Libby Weiser                                   Kim Tadei

Runners Up

                 Cathy Korpela                                   Alice Albert                                                       missing Caroline Mitchell

Congratulations to the Winners of the
70+ Singles

  Libby Weiser
2nd – George Gibson
3rd- Anne Novak

Congratulations to the Winners of the Jean Wright Mixed Triples


                        Ellin McCarthy                              Don Allan                                Angelina Flath

Runners Up 

2nd     Donna Field     Barb Marriott Cathy Korpela
3rd   Libby Weiser   Dave Maher Udita Oterholm



Congratulations to the Winners of the

Richard Mermer Quaddie

Jim McClennan         Libby Weiser      Angelina Flath      Paula Parkinson
2nd place   Don Allan  Kathy Moi             Jean McClennan             Bill Huot
3rd Place     Ralph Huston   Anne Novak Keith Newhouse     missing    Siri Payatunge

Congratulations to the Winners of the        Wilkerson Men’s Pairs

Tournament Winners    George McKee and       Jack Robertson
Runners Up Jim Morrison and Ivo van Bastelaere
3rd Runner up Steve Foster and Brent Jansen
2 Game Winners – Harry Harrison and Gary Paugh
1 Game Winners Don Allan and Brian Wastenage

Congratulations to the First Winners of the Honorary President’s Cup!

                    Cathy Korpela and Brian Wastenage

2nd      Nick Geerdink and Ken Hicks
3rd       Randy Small, George Gibson/Angelina Flath
4th       Nigel Pieloth and Ross Sands

Congratulations to one of the three 3 game     Winners in the South Island Women’s Fours
held at Gordon Head!

Diane McMorran lead OBLBC Jo Ann Allan 2nd VLBC Debra Whitman 3rd VLBC  Karen Evans skip OBLBC  

Congratulations to the following winners of the Peace Findlay Coast Capital Men’s Singles Tournament!
Winner of the Peace Cup A Division William Whitelaw from the Juan de Fuca Club
Winner of the Findlay trophy B division Nick Geerdink from the Victoria club
Winner of the Coast Capital Shield C Division Harry Walker from the Canadian Pacific club

Winners and Runners up –  l-r :   Dave Richards, Nick Geerdink, Jay Huang, Wm Whitelaw, Harry Walker, and Jack Robertson

To all the tournament volunteers in the Kitchen – Annie Boldt, Anne Novak, Caroline Mitchell, and Rose Westcott: to the umpires Mort Nelson and Steve Foster: and a special tip of the hat to Dave Gardner and Dennis Verge from Gordon Head LBC for their great assistance with the draw.

Congratulations to the Winners of our first tournament of the season – the Joan Turner Mixed Triples!

And no – you  are not seeing things. There really is 4 team members taking advantage of our new rules that you can share a position.

George Gibson   Angelina Flath   Ellin McCarthy   Brian Wastenage

Photo courtesy Nigel Pieloth






in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC