Women’s League 2018

The Women’s League made a comeback this year with 21 members signed up for the Wednesday morning draw.   First year novices provided strong competition. Teams competed in games of triples, doubles or cutthroat depending on numbers.

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Winners were awarded 3 points and attendees 1 point for participation. Each player added $1 per game to the piggy bank resulting in a considerable amount of prize money for distribution at the end of the season.

League winners were Rose Westcott in 1st place, Debra Whitman in 2nd and Anita McCaw/Donna Field tied for 3rd.

Anita, Donna, Rose and Debra

The success of the season was evident in the enthusiasm expressed by the 16 players attending the August 29th windup game and delicious pot luck lunch. During the awards presentation, Debra expressed everyone’s appreciation for the contributions made by Anne Novak (who is missed since she moved back up Island), Rose Westcott and Anita McCaw. Thanks to each and every one who assisted in doing the draws, setting up greens, keeping track of points and organizing our final get together.

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2018 Women’s League


in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC