3 Bowl Pairs League 2021

2021 – 3-Bowl Pairs League – Thursday Evenings (4.30)

(Final Report by Gopala Gowda)

  • In 2021, a partial COVID & Partial Vaccinated Year, league started June 10 and ended August 19 (11 weeks, 10-games) with final playoffs on August 20
  • Traditionally, this league starts in May and was conducted in 2-segments of approximately 7 weeks each
  • However, this year due to Covid-uncertainties and a shortened season, it was done in one segment
  • It was a “choose your own partner” and Round Robin format
  • We welcomed a Father-Daughter team: Nick-Amber
  • 3-Bowl 12-Ends
  • There were 11 entries (11-Pairs, teams)
  • Due to the uneven number of teams, one team got a BYE each week
  • Each team played each other once (10-games)
  • Win = 3 pts; Tie = 1 pt.; Loss = 0 pts
  • As an experiment, a new format was introduced
  • Instead of deciding the top three winners based on the standings at the end of regular round-robin, a playoff structure was used to decide the top three
  • At the end of regular round robin, the top 4-teams were advanced to the playoffs
  • These top 4-teams played the next day (August 20) to decide 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place
  • # of entries = 22
  • Entry fee = $10
  • Amount collected = $220
  • 20% to Club = $44
  • Remaining amount went to prizes for the top three winners
    • 1st-50%;   Barb-Marie
    • 2nd-30%;  Gopal-Wayne (spare in playoffs Mervyn)
    •  3rd-20%   Keith-Pierre

Congratulations to the grand winners: Barb/Marie

  • The team -Barb/Marie proved to be a formidable one with 9 wins out of 10 regular round robin games & winning both their playoff games
  • The game they lost was when Marie did not play, further confirming how formidable a player Marie is
  •  Well done Marie!

A note on Playoffs:

  • As noted above, the top 4-finishers on points were to advance to the playoffs
  • Going into the 10th game, based on points, two teams were tied for the second place and two teams were tied for the third place
  • Apart from Barb-Marie team, the remaining four teams were on the verge of elimination
  • Thus making the last round robin game (10th game) a crucial and exciting one for all
  • After the 10th game, due to their loss against Barb-Marie, David-Michael remained at 5th place and were eliminated
  • However, based on POINTS, Keith-Pierre & Gopal-Wayne teams were tied (again) for 3rd & 4th spot, while Barb-Marie & Anita-Norma teams secured 1st & 2nd spot.
  • The next differentiator to decide a TIE was “shots-differential”
  • Gopal-Wayne team squeaked by with a better shots differentials (12-shots) to secure the 3rd spot
  • The matchups for the playoffs were Barb-Marie (1st) v Keith-Pierre (4th) & Anita-Norma (2nd) v Gopal-Wayne (3rd)
  • With wins, Barb-Marie & Gopal-Wayne played for 1st & 2nd place, while Anita-Norma & Keith-Pierre squared-off to decide the 3rd place
  •  The game was forfeited and Keith-Pierre team finished on 3rd
  • Thanks to all for participating and for being a “good sport” amid all the constraints (COVID, Vaccinations, Heat-Dome wave)
  • Special thanks to: Jo Ann; Anita; Annie; Caroline for their support and helping out, & providing refreshments
  • Of course, thanks to Cathy Korpela & Jo Ann for taking Pictures, videos and managing the website-postings
  • Also, thanks to several spares who stepped-in to cover for a missing bowler
  • For the curious, see point standings and placements from the league and Playoffs: Summary 1 and Summary 2

in Beacon Hill Park 160 Nursery Rd in beautiful Victoria, BC