2020 Men’s League

  1.   It is all done and dusted!
  2.   We all enjoyed an excellent, albeit, short season.
  3.   We not only got to bowl but also got paid!
  4.   Big thank you to all those who lent me a hand, and for your       encouraging words.
  5.   Last day was a good turn out – 22; and the pizza/pop party was a     hit
  6.   We lucked out on the weather too
  7.   Everyone attentively followed COVID 19 rules

Now, here are some stats for you to study/think about

  1.   13 weeks of Bowling
  2.   33 different Bowlers participated
  3.   4- dropped out
  4.   29 -persisted
  5.   245 games
  6.   122 matches (the odd number is because Ross played with two     Ladies one Monday as he was the odd man out, typical!)
  7.   Club received close to $240 from the league’s purse and individual’s donation
  8.   $380 distributed to 29 bowlers based on their accumulated     points as of  week-12
  9.   Out of 122 matches, there was only one Tie-game: July 20th;     Gopal/Ted vs Brian/Skip
  10.   After 122 matches we have a 4-way tie for the top spot – talk   about tight finish!!!
  1.   Total points after 13 weeks
  2.   Winners – 4-way tie at 30 points each (Keith, Ken, Bob and Gopal)    (But Keith and Bob beat Ken and Gopal on average)
  3.   Top 10 Points-Leaders
  4.   Points Average (Batting AVG – for Baseball lovers!) (Keith and Bob winners)
  5.   Win Percentage  (Keith and Bob winners) (if you bowled with     these two you would win 75% of the time)
  6.   Most Games (6-way tie at 13 games each)
  7.   Most Wins (Keith and Bob)

Well, if this is not enough, too bad.  I am done!



PS: Men’s League is not just for bowling but also a good study for statistical analysis!

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in Beacon Hill Park 160 Nursery Rd in beautiful Victoria, BC