Interclub Novice Women’s League 2018

Have you had 3 years or less lawn bowling experience and want to join a South Island Novice Women’s League

Would you like to play with other novice women where fun and learning are the key elements?

The League will play Fridays from 9:15 – 11:30 starting June 1st.    Tags in by 9:15 with play starting at 9:30.  We’ll play “cutthroat” which is a singles game for 3 players.   More details will be shared the first day of play.

We plan to have coaches from around the South Island come and provide training on a once a month basis.

Cost:  No cost to enter

Contact Barb Marriott for more information.

Interclub Novice Women's League

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On Friday June 15, club coach Jo Ann Allan conducted a drill session for the league. 4 rinks were set up, each with a different challenge that are commonly encountered in a game.  e.g. the mat at the hogline, side jacks, bowling to 2 jacks set at different lengths, and bowling through a port.

In these sessions, the participants only compete against their own best efforts and soon find that they get a little better each time they go through the circuit. It is a chance to focus in on only one thing at a time unlike being in a game when there are so many other things to think about.

Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the workout.

Playing the drills