2020 Croquet Winter League

This league is open to all members.

Those wishing to participate in the league are asked to arrive before Noon to be included in the draw. However, if you are sure to arrive but would be a few minutes late we can include you in the draw but have to confirm with Lorne, Peter or Gopal, prior to Noon.

  • This league-component is only scheduled for Noon to 2.30
  • As there is a significant interest from the members, we plan to set up at least 6-courts from Nov 17 onwards
  • We will make sure to leave at least 1-court for non-league players to play/practice
  • Those wishing not to participate in the league portion of the day, can utilize skinny courts between 12 and 2.30.
  • Of course, all 6-courts will be available for use from 10-12 and then from 2.30 to 4
League Etiquette – Reminder:
  • As we try to complete the best of 3-games before 2.15, it’s best not to engage in excessive coaching and strategy discussion with your partner
  • You can assist your partner about the strategy and what shot to play etc, but coaching during the match is not polite and fair to your opponents
  • Especially, when double-banking we all have to be reasonable not to hold up the other team
  • Coaching of novice-partner is best reserved for non-league play

League  Conditions of Play

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