Croquet Schedules

For Members Only

Beginning Mar 1,  the croquet schedule will remain the same – i.e. both lawns available for play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and 1 lawn available on Sundays.
Play is scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11am and 1pm and Sunday at 1pm. These times are valid until July 31
These times are subject to change according to COVID restrictions and the installation of backboards and floodlights
⇒   All players must sign in as usual and a marshal must be present   ⇐

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there will be 4 three quarter courts available. On Saturdays there will be two 3/4 courts and one full sized court. There is a maximum of 16 players at any one time on all days

It is anticipated that the more advanced players will play on the full court. All courts will be set-up prior to the first playing session of the day. Players in the final session will put all equipment away in the shed.

Several members have been trained as marshals and this allows them to enter the clubhouse and greens at times other than the routine schedule. Also marshals may be called upon to perform marshalling duties if the assigned marshal has cancelled or if no marshal has signed up for the routine schedule. 

Failure to have a marshal take responsibility will mean the session is cancelled