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Who says croquet is just a summer sport.
Hockey lovers beware!

Three Victoria-area croquet clubs sent competitive members to take on fierce opposition in the recent Golf Croquet Singles and Golf Croquet Doubles Opens, hosted by the Canadian Pacific LBC.

Competition in the Singles, held on September 15, was close and down to the wire.  Three of the four entrants ended the first three rounds of play with 2-1 records, many of the games won by only one point.  In the semifinals, CP’s Michael Dowling beat VicWest’s Mavis Pillar while CP’s Mike Holt beat VLBC’s Hilary Sandford.  In the final, Dowling avenged his earlier 6-7 loss to Holt by reversing the score for victory.  Hilary came in third, handing Mavis one more loss.

The weather for the singles was mildly threatening, but proved excellent for croquet.  All the games were played on a single, full-sized court, double-banked.

Ten players entered the Doubles competition on September 29, playing in two-person teams.  With more games to play simultaneously, Tournament Director Chris Percival-Smith opted for two 3/4-size courts.  In each round of the round robin, four teams played while one sat out.

VLBC’s Rolf Bertsch and Ralph Street handled all their opponents in convincing fashion during the robin, coming out undefeated at 4-0.  VLBC’s Peter Rassenti teamed with CP’s Mike Holt for second, CP’s Michael Dowling and Steffen Preusser finished third, and VLBC’s Lorne Oakes and Hilary Sandford came in fourth.  With a fifth-place finish, the team of CP’s Chris Percival-Smith and VicWest’s Mavis Pillar did not make the playoffs.  In the semis, Rolf and Ralph won again, defeating Lorne and Hilary 7-4.  The other match saw Mike and Peter take down Michael and Steffen 7-5.  Michael and Steffen came back to take third place over Lorne and Hilary, 7-1, while the final game was another close one, Peter and Mike handing Rolf and Ralph their only loss of the competition, 7-6.



All entrants played well most of the time, making long hits and hoop shots.  Steffen stood out for successful jump shots, though several others were made as well.  Hilary’s play was notable for being strong and accurate throughout the day despite her breaking her wrist in the first game — moving out of Michael’s sight lines to avoid distracting him, Hilary tripped over a hoop, threw her hand back to break her fall, and cracked a bone in her wrist.  She wore a brace for the rest of the day, but gamely played on.  We all wish her well as she mends.  Mavis also deserves a word of salute.  Mavis finished the introductory course in early September, and competed in her first tournaments later in the month.  While her inexperience showed, it was also clear that she has a good eye, a good sense of weight, and is making good tactical decisions.  She’ll be a contender moving forward.

Pierre Dunn, assistant Tournament Director 

All in a tangle
The first Annual Croquet Christmas Cake and Carpet Croquet Contest took place on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, December -18/18.

Undeterred by the intermittent showers, an octet of diehards completed 2 games, prior to festivities, including the shorts be-clad and cold-impervious, Gordie March.  Only after a serious downpour were the outside games suspended.

A good turnout of 22 enthusiasts showed up to partake of the seasonal offerings which included , among others, the traditIonal cakes of more than four countries, shortbreads, peppermint chocolate bark, mince pies and a delectable cheesecake. The table groaned with sweet treats as did many of the participants after they worked their way through as many samplings as they could manage.
To offset any sugar-induced coma, or a dangerous spike in blood sugar, an indoor carpet croquet target game followed.  This was devised by Rolf, built by Gordie and Lorne, with Rolf providing a bottle of wine as a prize.  Everyone  had one shot but only Becky and Peter Rassenti managed to get in in the “hoop”.  This resulted in a spirited shootout with Becky victorious amid loud cheers.

Outdoor games resumed, despite the drizzle, in a (probably futile) effort to burn off the excess calories consumed.
A most enjoyable afternoon with good company.  Many thanks to all participants and a big shout out to the cleanup crew.
submitted by Rosemary
                                                                                               The Die-hards
                                                                                   Savoring the cakes
                                                            Jo Ann aimed and missed – so close though!
                                                                                         The target
              Peter heads for the target and is dead on!  But – there is a face off with Becky
              Such good sports!!   What a hug  but Peter is the runner up
Becky the prize winner – wine the prize – and Rolf the donor making the presentation

Croquet at The Empress Aug 26 2018

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Thanks to CTV News Victoria for the photos

CroqCan Competitors

From August 9 to 12, we were pleased to hold, along with the Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club,  the Canadian Association Croquet championships. Association croquet is similar to playing billiards on the lawn and each game lasts around 2 hours.

Ten entrants played a round robin of nine games each over 4 days.  Local players Chris Percival-Smith,  Michael Dowling , Pierre Dunn, Lorne Oakes and Peter Rassenti matched up against Brian Wasylyk (Campbell River) Carl Uhlman (Seattle) Bill Rowat (Bayfield, Ontario) and Peter and Brigitte Westaway (Toronto).

After some closely matched games the winners in the finals were: first place, Bill Rowat, second place, Chris Percival-Smith, and third place, Michael Dowling.

Thank you to all the contestants and those who volunteered to help to make this past weekend such a memorable event for croquet in Victoria.

Some people have all the talent! What a great shot Pierre!

clip courtesy Bruce St. Germain




in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC