Croquet Tournament Results 2018

2nd Snake in the Grass Doubles Tournament

Another amazing tournament yesterday!  The Second Annual Snake in the Grass Doubles Croquet Tournament was such a success. The weather held, the sun peeked out, and everyone gave their best all morning with ten teams in playing in two groups in a round robin. As with the First Snake in the Grass Singles tournament last month, the games were so close and often ended in a one point win, a spectacular one being a winning last point jump shot by Ralph. The afternoon was full of surprises with the mornings top dogs succumbing to losses against the underdogs.

The finals were full of strategic discussion, successful difficult shots, an almost twofer, accompanied by many sighs of relief and angst, and blissful grins.

The final scores gave Gordie and Bob a first winning against Barbara and Bruce in second place and Rolf and Peter G. winning over Hilary and Ralph for third in a tense game with a tie breaker ending 7/6.


      Donna del Torre unveiling the new trophy

We also unveiled the world’s first Snake in the Grass Croquet Doubles trophy, a stunning creation made by Peter Rassenti and donated to the club. Thank you Peter.

               Peter Rassenti – Creator of the Snake in the Grass Croquet Doubles Trophy

We also acknowledged Pierre Dunn for inventing this fabulous game which has enthralled our players for the past two years and has spread to other clubs.


                                   Snake Accoutrements

The threatening weather seemed to dampen people’s enthusiasm for snake accoutrements but congratulations were given to Peter R. for his ingenious Mona Lisa with Snake card cleverly decorating his hat and Deb and Bob Dowling’s hat snakes handmade by Deb.

Thank you to the lawn set up crew, to Lorne and Peter for setting up the teams, Carole for looking after the kitchen, Donna for tidying up, and all the participants who made it such a fun day. Pats on the back all around as the level of play our club has attained is superb.

Congratulations to the Winners 

                                  Bob Dowling                                                            Gordie March
                        Runners Up                        Barbara Harris Bruce St. Germain
                           3rd Place                                      Peter Gilchrist       Rolf Bertsch
                             Tournament Competitors with Pierre Dunn holding the new trophy

2nd Annual Snake in the Grass Singles Tournament


What an amazing tournament yesterday. A great cheer for all the contestants and a big thank you to the 2 lads who mowed the lawn at 7:00 a.m., the referees, Donna, Peter and Lorne, and to Lorne for master working a difficult schedule.

There were so many close games, amazing difficult shots conquering hoops, impossibly made long shots, and terrific playing on everyone’s part.

The final game for first/second and third were played side by each simultaneously and who ever said watching croquet wasn’t riveting. Both games were neck and neck the entire way with some  stupendous shots and creative finesse. John Harris squared off against Rolf Bertsch for first/second while on the adjoining lawn, Angela Bertsch and Hilary Sandford (Coupland) engaged in a supremely focused game for third.  Both games were tied 6/6 with the tie breaking seventh hoop made simultaneously on both courts with John Harris and Angela Bertsch winning by one point. (note the scary snakes!)

Congratulations to the Winners

                                2nd – Rolf Bertsch           1st  – John Harris                 3rd –  Angela Bertsch                                                                                     4th –  missing Hilary Sandford (Coupland)
And then there is the rest of us!

Looking forward to another fantastic day on September 15 for the Snake Doubles. For those not yet signed up, there are a few spaces left and the sheet is on the bulletin board in the club.

And a further note – after expenses for the tournament,  almost $35 of the funds raised from the entry fees will be put towards the purchase of a new trophy.

Cheers   Kathryn

Annual Novice Croquet Tournament
Saturday June 23   2018

Congratulations to the Winners!

2018 Winner Bob Towler Organizers Donne del Torre and Peter Rassenti and Winner Rolf Bertsch
The winners flanked by the runners up (L) Michel Durand Becky van der Steen and (R) Angela Bertsch and Ralph Street
All the participants after a great day
Lots of competition with 18 players

2017 Tournament Winners

in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC