Community Events

St. Michael’s University School

Sixteen Grade 8 students from St. Michaels University School will return for some bowling lessons on Wednesday, May 17. The students are quick learners and they master the delivery of bowls straight away. Everyone has a lot of fun.

We are also welcoming another youth group from Christ Church Cathedral School on May 5 for an introduction to this sport.

Youths are encouraged to learn this sport for life. Bowlers, who started as young as four, are continuing to play and several of them represent Canada in international tournaments.

Our club is always delighted to host school visits. To all teachers who are interested in booking a session for your students, please contact Kirby Rimer at 250-479-9605

Should anyone think lawn bowling is strictly for oldsters, well, that’s a bad rap. Scott, 29, got his start in the game at the age of 10. Watch his hip hop video from Saskatoon