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The Green Roller Saga

Such Ingenuity! Chris turned into a measuring tape – who knew he was so versatile?

So what is really going on?  The guys are trying to figure out whether the new roller would fit the entrance to the green. Hopefully he doesn’t also act as the ramp!

Job #1 – move the roller to the shed – no easy task – required a lot of maneuvering.

But then another little problem developed.  The most beautiful new rolling machine for the lawns unfortunately  would not go through the equipment shed door. So now what to do?

Croquet players Ralph Street and Rolf Bertsch, accomplished a small engineering wonder by replacing the door runner, adding bits of wood, re-hung locks, and created a superb expanded doorway.

We are so thankful for their expertise and running around buying supplies and spending all day cutting, hammering, and manufacturing a wider entrance for the machine.

Thank you Ralph and Rolf!!