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Update: Intrepid Family Croqueteers

Some of you will remember this world travelling family who came to play croquet here last year. Here is the link to the former post to refresh your memory.

They are staying a little closer to home this year. The following  is Grace’s response to my enquiry.

Oh, what fun we all had there, it will go down in Gallaway history as one of our favorite vacations and BVDO’s !  We will be playing this year’s tournament in the back yard of my son, Bret’s home this year.  They just moved from one large home  to another in the same town, and we’re quite sure we can have a good fit there for this year’s tournament in Birmingham, Mi,  We’ve often had some pretty challenging  courses during the various years of the British Virginia Drink OPEN, as you can imagine.

Nice hearing from you.  Best to all.  

 Grace Gallaway

The British Virginia Drink Open Cup