2022 Club Women’s League

The Women’s League, organized again this year by Alice Albert, wound up its season on September 7th with a short game followed by pizza lunch and the distribution of prize money.

Thirty-five women signed up to play on Wednesday afternoons starting May 25th. Points were allotted per team member: 3 for a win, 2 for a tie or 1 for attendance.  The season’s winners by point total were Alice Albert (30), Carole Wiggins and Libby Weiser (24). Each took home a small money prize

Libby Weiser (3rd), Alice Albert (1st) and Carole Wiggins (2nd)

Participants were treated to a choice of six delicious pizzas.

MaryLynne, Elaine, Alice and Norma line up for pizza

The party coincided with Brenda Janke’s birthday.

Everyone enjoyed a piece of scrumptious cake professionally baked and decorated by fellow member Judy Arsenault.


A special thank you goes to Alice for doing an exemplary job of keeping everyone informed, collecting fees, keeping track of scores, drawing up teams and organizing the wrap-up party.

Contact: Alice Albert

in Beacon Hill Park 160 Nursery Rd in beautiful Victoria, BC