2021 Croquet Tournament Results

Croquet Advanced Doubles Tournament

On Thursday, August 26 the VLBC held an Advanced Doubles Snake in the Grass croquet tournament. Four teams competed in a Round Robin format.

This was the first tourney where players chose their own partners and entered as a team.

Each team played the other three and the two leading teams faced off in the final.

Ralph Street and Rolf Bertsch prevailed over the team of Pierre Dunn and his partner Chris Percival Smith from the CP club.

Congratulations to all participants for a fine afternoon of croquet.

After prizes, $50 went into the croquet equipment fund.

Winners Ralph Street Rolf Bertsch

Croquet Novice Tournament

On a very warm Thursday,August 12th, we had our croquet tournament for novice players.  While games of Doubles were played, only one participant would be named the champion. 

It was a close contest with Sandy Hodel and Norma Alison tied for points: however, John Binstead edged them out to be declared the winner of the day’s Tournament.  Congratulations to all the hardy souls who helped make the day happen!

Winner John Binstead
Sandy Hodel John Binstead Norma Alison

Hi – Lo Snake in the Grass Pairs Tournament

On Thursday, July 29th, our club hosted the popular Hi-Lo Snake-in-the-Grass Tournament.  16 players were matched to form equally balanced (as humanly possible) teams.  At the end of play, Rolf Bertsch and Carole Costello edged out Mike Skene and Sandy Hodel to take the trophy.  Congratulations to all the teams on their good play and laughter for a fun tournament.

Winners: Carole Costello Rolf Bertsch


     On Saturday, July 10th, we held our first Advanced Singles Snake-In-The-Grass Tournament.  Eight of our best players battled it out for the coveted trophy.  After a day of close games, and spectacular shots with demonstrations of cunning strategies, a winner was declared.

     During the final game, Peter Rassenti challenged Pierre Dunn to play at his best.  As a result Pierre won the trophy.  Could he have had an inside advantage as he is the author of “Snake”…hard to tell.  It was a great day for all.
posted by Donna Del Torre

Congratulations to the Winners

Winner Pierre Dunn Nice socks Pierre!!
2nd Place Peter Rassenti with winner Pierre Dunn


This past Thursday, June 24 on a beautiful summer’s day, the first croquet competition of the year took place. The tournament was a Snake in the Grass doubles for players classified as Intermediate. There were six teams and a friendly competition ensued. After the first three rounds, the semi finals were decided and then the finals were set. Kathy Moi and Brent Jansen went up against Bob Vandersteen and Colin Bradley. Most appropriately the match went down to the wire and a tie-breaker hoop resulted in victory for Kathy and Brent. Congratulations to them and to all who took part.

 Croquet players can look forward to a number of tournaments scheduled for July and August for all levels, from Novice to Advanced.

Congratulations to all the winners

L-R Brent Jansen Kathy Moi Colin Bradley Bob Vandersteen

in Beacon Hill Park 160 Nursery Rd in beautiful Victoria, BC