2019 Croquet Tournament Results



                                                              ELLE GAIB                                          ROLF BERTSCH



Congratulations to the Winner 

Snake in the Grass Singles      

                   Presenter      Gordie March         Winner Ralph Street

A Great Day for Croquet

The second annual Snake in the Grass Singles tournament was held this past Saturday, August 17. All 16 participants played five games followed by a play-off comprised of the top eight finishers. Ralph Street defeated Pierre Dunn in the final to win the day. Lorne Oakes and Bob Vander Steen placed third and fourth respectively.

Congratulations to all who came out to enjoy this most friendly and convivial competition. Thanks to Elle for taking care of hospitality and to Kathryn for her help as Assistant Tournament Director. Also great to see Gordie March who was on hand to present the winner’s trophy and prizes. We all wish him a full recovery and look forward to seeing him back out on the lawn soon.

Congratulations to the Winners of the First Windsor Rules Croquet Tournament

                           Jo Ann Allan                   Peter Rassenti
Congratulations to the Winners of the Novice Croquet Tournament
Novice Winner – Women’s Angela Bertsch
Novice Winner – Men’s Rolf Bertsch

Runner Up Women’s – Rosemary Verren-Delbridge
Runner up Men’s  – Gordie March

The format for the tournament was Snake in the Grass Singles. And here are all the happy participants and organizers.

Scalpone’s Name Reappears on Victoria Day Croquet Tourney’s
Hal Sisson Cup

           Oregonian Steve Scalpone didn’t set a foot wrong in the final of 2019’s Victoria Day Association Croquet Tournament, besting Scotland’s top woman player, Jane Morrison, 26-13. Scalpone won in 2017 as well, but did not enter the Victoria Day event in 2018.

            Third place in the competition went to Canadian Pacific LBC’s Chris Percival-Smith, who defeated CP’s Michael Dowling 26-10. Percival-Smith won the event in 2018; Dowling came in second in both 2017 and 2018.

            This year’s competition also featured a flight for less-experienced “B” players. Top finisher in this battle was Lorne Oakes, of both CP and the Victoria LBC, who beat CP’s Keir Cordner 15-12. Jason Torla of Seattle took third place, holding off Vancouver’s Mark Dix-Cooper for the win.

            The competition took place over the Victoria Day “long weekend”, Saturday through Monday, featuring two pleasant and sunny days — and one cool and rainy one. The event was co-hosted by Victoria, BC’s two homes for croquet, the Canadian Pacific and Victoria Lawn Bowling Clubs. Both lawns were in fine condition, drawing praise from our overseas visitor. A very tight schedule resulted in a few delays in game starts, pushing each day’s final rounds into the evening hours. Sunday’s final round didn’t conclude until after 8:00pm, as suggested by the long shadows in the accompanying photo.

            On the Friday before the tournament, three experienced players presented workshops for less-experienced players. Florida’s Michael Albert, winner of this year’s US Western Regionals, focused on “Building a Break”; tournament director Pierre Dunn discussed “How Handicap Play Will Improve Your Croquet,” and Campbell River’s Brian Wasylyk mined the lode of “John Riches’ ‘Next Break’ Concept”. Developing the skills and understanding of B players, and encouraging their participation in regional competitions, has become an effort shared by tournament organizers throughout the Northwest.

            The tournament ran successfully thanks to contributions by many volunteers, including Chris Percival-Smith and Brian Wasylyk coordinating court setup each morning, Donna del Torre and Deanna Germain overseeing the provision of courtside sustenance for the combatants throughout the three days, Gordie March and Chris Rogal shuttling players from venue to ve

nue when needed, and croquet players and bowlers stopping by to watch the competition. Six hundred dollars in prizes were awarded, and another six hundred went to each club to help fund future efforts.

Pierre Dunn and Michael Dowling race the setting sun as they conclude their playoff struggle. Michael won this one, 21-19.

            Final standings for the entrants:


  1. Steve Scalpone, Portland OR
  2. Jane Morrison, Edinburgh, Scotland
  3. Chris Percival-Smith, Victoria BC
  4. Michael Dowling, Victoria BC
  5. Michael Albert, Sarasota FL
  6. Gary Anderson, Seattle WA
  7. Pierre Dunn, Victoria BC
  8. Conor Broderick, Vancouver BC
  9. Brian Wasylyk, Campbell River BC


  1. Lorne Oakes, Victoria BC
  2. Keir Cordner, Victoria BC
  3. Jason Torla, Seattle WA
  4. Mark Dix-Cooper, Vancouver BC
  5. Steffen Preusser, Victoria BC
  6. John Destry Adams, Vancouver BC

2019 CroqueBowl Scramble

Another successful tournament and the first of the season on what turned out as a  very chilly windy day after such sunny warm weather all week. This unique tournament pairs a bowler with a croqueteer and is always a lot of fun. There are 2 short bowling games and 2 short croquet games during the day.

Angelina in a sticky wicket
The Scoreboard waiting for final results

The results are in – and the winners are:

Angelina Flath and Wendy Street

in Beacon Hill Park (Cook St at Park Blvd) in beautiful Victoria, BC