Victoria Day Croquet Tourney

Four days of nonstop Association Croquet filled Victoria’s downtown croquet courts from May 19-22.  Twelve competitors from across the US and Canada faced each other in 61 hard-fought singles games lasting around two to two-and-a-half hours each.  At the end of the last game, Portland’s Steve Scalpone was the last man standing.

The field of entrants was one of the strongest ever seen for this annual event, featuring Canada’s top-ranked and third-ranked players — Ontario’s Brian Cumming and Victoria’s Chris Percival-Smith — and highly-ranked Americans Rich Lamm (Colorado), Scalpone, and Michael Albert (Florida).             

Steve Scalpone shoots red at yellow, while VLBC members watch.
Brian Cumming shoots across the court, watched by VLBC and CPLBCC members.

In the end, the contest came down to games between Cumming and Scalpone, resulting in a Third Win for Portland’s Steve Scalpone.

Steve Scalpone shoots the penultimate hoop as VLBC club members look on.

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(contributed by Pierre Dunn)