Opening Day 2023

This year’s Opening Day marked the return post-Covid of special guests Victoria Mayor Marianne Alto, Councillors Chris Coleman and Susan Kim to compete with VLBC bowlers for the Challenge Cup. After a short 4-end game of bowls, the City Officials enjoyed a round of croquet on the lower green accompanied by VLBC Past-President Kathy Moi.

The afternoon began with a march around the green led by two pipers. President Brenda Janke welcomed our visitors, and Bill Huot led the singing of O’Canada and God Save the King. Honorary President Elaine Huber delivered the first jack; Mayor Alto followed with the first bowl. Elaine wowed the crowd demonstrating a successful croquet hoop shot, Mayor Alto followed suit. Then the games were on.

After bowling and croquet, members and guests enjoyed a fancy tea organized by Kitchen Hospitality Chair Annie Boldt. The KH Committee set out a lovely formal presentation with white tablecloths, napkins and china. Plates of tea sandwiches, delectable baked goodies and pots of tea were served and enjoyed while chit-chatting with fellow players and guests.  A special thanks to Kitchen Hospitality for their contribution to the celebratory mood.

The day ended with a tongue-in-cheek concession speech by Mayor Alto and the presentation of the Challenge Cup to the winning Club team: Brenda Janke, Michael Shepherd and Mike Pennock.

Although many have already been out on the greens enjoying our beautiful West Coast spring, next week the official bowling season starts with the popular Monday men’s and Wednesday women’s leagues, afternoon draws and a tournaments. Croquet will continue its varied formats of play on the opposite green.