KH Foodsafe Level 1

Thanks to Chris Jones’ expertise in securing grants and the organizational skills of Kitchen Hospitality Chair Annie Boldt, 18 Victoria LBC members and 4 Canadian Pacific LBCC members had the good fortune to attend a fully paid Foodsafe Level 1 course on Friday. Our hard-working KH Committee was given first call to attend before opening the course to general membership and guests from CPLBCC in order to fill the designated 22 spaces.

The FOODSAFE program was comprised of nine units:

  • The causes of Foodborne Illness
  • Microbes & Foodborne Illness
  • Food Safety Plans and HACCP
  • Food Handler Health & Hygiene
  • Receiving & Storing Food Safely
  • Preparing Food Safely
  • Serving Food Safely
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing & Pest Control
  • Premises Requirements

All of this valuable knowledge will help our volunteers to handle and present special-event meals, teas and goodies in the safest possible manner. Simple things like using color-coded cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination, monitoring the temperatures of fridge, freezer and dishwasher, cleaning and sanitizing, and proper storage of foods are skills we can all apply not only at the Club but also at home.  

After writing a short exam, each participant went home with a Certification of Completion valid for 5 years. Thanks Chris and Annie for making this possible.