Home Improvements

Kitchen upgrades

Our Kitchen Hospitality Chair Annie Boldt expresses thank you to Anita McC. and Sharon H. for shopping for a new  kitchen (industrial type) faucet,  a set of workable knives and a can opener for the kitchen to replace some unworkable  kitchen antiques. In addition (thanks to the NATIONALS), the Club was able to purchase kitchen floor foam mats and a a new chopping block. All these new items are a bonus to the kitchen volunteers.

Our new kitchen faucet will make cleanup much easier.

Tap installation and house cleanup

Our new kitchen faucet was installed by club volunteer Brent Jansen. In addition, House Chair Peter Rassenti reports that he and several volunteers have been busy cleaning out the basement workshop. All paint and recyclable items were taken to Hartland landfill and miscellaneous non-recyclable waste to Ellice for disposal.

Clearing the basement workshop of its years of clutter was a major project.

Peter and his volunteers have also completed partial clean out of the large equipment shed and plan to build numerous shelves and to re-organize. Their next project will be to look into material to replace the polycarbonate rain shelters which did not withstand the winter winds.

VLBC sincerely thanks those volunteers who’ve contributed to these major housekeeping projects.