Canadian Senior Triples

Thanks to the skills and hard work of the Organizing Committee and many volunteers from both our and sister clubs, Victoria LBC was privileged to host the Canadian Senior Triples Championships from September 21 to 25, 2022.

CST Organizing Commitee

Gopala GowdaChair
Anita McCaw – Hospitality
Michael Pennock – Treasurer
Brenda Janke – Secretary
Others – David Maher, Sharon Hoffman, Barb Marriott and Dilys McGibbon

Excerpt from Final Report (contributed by Gopala Gowda):

Gopala Gowda, Chair of CST OC

The 2022 Canadian Senior Triples Championship event concluded with a resounding success.  We exceeded expectations in all aspects including, Greens, Hospitality, Clubhouse facilities, Volunteers, and the overall infrastructure.  We catered to over 140 persons each day including players, player’s families, officials, volunteers and spectators.

We could not have asked for a better week at the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club! The weather was immaculate, the volunteers were stellar and most importantly, the players delivered some world class bowls that proved they belonged at the 2022 Canadian Seniors Triples Championships. On the last day, some of the women teams were out on the green early to decide who would make it to the bronze medal match. Ontario B was able to take home two victories securing their place in the bronze medal match. On the men’s side, pool play was able to establish a clear gold and bronze medal match up….