Still on the Green

Who knew we had a poet at our club!! Here is one of his creations.

When lawn bowlers can no longer curtsey, to launch their woods down the green,
As arthritis sets in and the blood starts to thin, and they no longer feel like a teen.
When golfers at tee time have trouble, in whacking their balls down the course,
‘cos their spines can no longer go spiral and their swings are now lacking in force,
When tennis players’ knees and their ankles,  swell up from the jarring they get,
and it hurts when when they stretch up for service and returns end up in the net
When cricketer has had his innings and ability turns to bad luck,
having a had a good run for his money and too often is out for a duck
When almost every endeavour, causes pain from movement too fast,
but not wanting to quit are forced to admit that their game is up at last.
There is still a sport, perhaps last resort, which can bring satisfaction in time,
Still on the green in conditions pristine, your skill in due course you’ll refine.
You don’t have to curtsey or even bend knees!  You don’t have to search for your balls in the trees.
You needn’t bend down to pick up a ball or do anything energetic at all,
You can play all the year unless Jack Frost’s about, and the company kept, there is never a doubt, in ever congenial, never a stress when winning is secondary. “Well more or less!”
For fresh air and fun when all’s said and done, you will never go wrong if you join us,
for CROQUET one day at Beacon Hill Park you can hammer away until it gets dark.
We’ll lend you a mallet and show you the ropes. You’ll soon be addicted and everyone hopes, you will find satisfaction whereas before you were struggling to manage.
Well struggle no more!

See you on the green!
Bill Labron