Snake in the grass doubles tournament

Alice in Wonderland may have found it tricky playing with flamingos but she would have had to keep her head if she had wanted to play ‘Snake in the Grass’ croquet. We held our 3rd annual ‘Snake in the Grass doubles tournament last Saturday, September 21st.

Rolf and KC organized an outstanding tourney and the sun shone brightly on the 14 players trying to outwit their opponents with strategy, tactics and skill.

Elle, the ‘dark horse novice’ and her partner, ‘never-say-lose’ Rolf played in a ruthlessly efficient manner and won the coveted ‘Snake in the Grass’ trophy. see results

Ralph and Justin  scooped up 2nd place and Wendy and Peter thrashed it out for 3rd

                                    About to devour Li’l Red

Justin (The Snake)

Lorne (the Snake Hunter ready to pounce!)


and Michele

thought that costumes would bring victory, but discovered it wasn’t necessarily the case.

The yummy potluck lunch made the games in the afternoon a little soporific, but the adrenaline kicked in and balls were soon being whacked in all directions.

Everyone agreed that it was a great way to spend a sunny September Saturday.

submitted by Michele Aylward (Watch out for the Snake in her hat!)

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