End of season Fun Day

The weather cooperated for another Fun Day – the last of the season. There were over 40 who attended with some croqueteers missing in action playing a Golf Croquet Tournament at CP. But they were able to join us later in time to enjoy all the libations, appies and sweets. They returned triumphant in their tournament winning 1st and 2nd place. Congratulations to Peter, Rolf, and Ralph!

The bowlers were not quite sure what they were doing. For the first time, Goerge organized a skins game. Once a few ends had been played, everyone was figuring out how this game was played. Some were already familiar with the format through curling.

These Fun Days over the season have been really well attended and everyone has always had a good time playing all the challenges and enjoying all the potlucks and BBQ’s. Many thanks to everyone who has had a part in organizing them. Your club mates really appreciate your efforts.

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