Canada Day 2019 Croquet

Oh, what a Croquet Canada Day!!!

The croquet players at Victoria Lawn Bowling Club faced some fun, fascinating, and challenging games to play at the Croquet Arcade. 

Six challenges were set; Peter R. designed the Golden Triangle requiring precision shots to win cash of different denominations – of course a Canada Day Loonie being the top prize for reaching the point. 

Lorne’s Ball Dunk Tank was a splash with all the ladies who perfected sending their balls up the ramp to splosh in the bucket. Go Girls Go! Lorne’s other task, the Long Drive was no easy win with an accurate drive shot of 30 feet needed to squeeze through 2 pinned balls. 

There was a Snake Slalom which could be done in 4 strokes but alas the lowest number achieved by all was 5, Donna coming close to winning the blue ribbon for this tantalizing challenge with a near 4.

And who could not love Cash in on the Cone and see the ball so satisfyingly snuggle its way into the top with a thump.

The most difficult task set was Shoot the Hoops. The ball needed to go through all 3 hoops and hit the peg. This looked easy but only Rolf managed a three time success to win the prize donated by Mike Skene.

The judges conferred and the top prize of Vin de Croquette went to our newest player Elle for her amazing success with not much experience with the game. 

Over 18 players enjoying some croquet

Congratulations everyone for such an exhilarating way to celebrate Canada Day!



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