Tactics Clinic

Player development has been given priority at the Club this month.  In addition to the weekly Friday Drills, we can also thank Jo Ann Allan for preparing and facilitating a Strategy and Tactics Clinic for skips and players interested in tournament play or just getting more out of the game.

A group of fifteen, interested in head building skills, viewed various set ups illustrated by graphics done by Susan Kainer. Yes, you can be sure most of the diagrams included a set of pink bowls!   The group discussed which alternative shots a skip could call in order to maximize gains, while assessing risk, anticipating the opponent’s next move and utilizing the strengths of his/her team.

Workshop created and facilitated by Jo Ann Allan. Graphics created by Susan Kainer.

Theory was followed by action out on the green. Groups of three played a game in which the first player delivered a cluster of bowls, and then placed the jack in a spot which would make it most difficult for the remaining two players to score.  Another game was played in which the team did not have shot bowl. The drills provided opportunity to recreate some of the situations earlier discussed. Of course, it also helped to be able to deliver the bowl exactly where one would like it to go.

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Thanks Jo Ann and Susan. Also Annie for making sure we had tea/coffee and a few goodies.   

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