Crown Green bowling

While Eastern Canadians were suffering the ravages of another winter storm, on Vancouver Island twenty-four bowlers and a few spectators turned out on a sunny Sunday  to try something new—a modified game of Crown Green Bowling.

Photo credits Nigel Pieloth

Our flat greens, regular jack and bowls posed fewer challenges than the regulation crown green and specialized jack/ bowls used in England. However, the challenge of delivery from a small circular footer to a jack set by each team anywhere on the green proved to be good overall practice and a lot of fun!

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Once again we have George to thank for getting us out to try something new. Exercise, vitamin D, friends—no SAD syndrome here!

Dependent on weather, we’ll make this a regular Sunday activity until regular bowling starts in April.

3 thoughts on “Crown Green bowling”

  1. I’m delighted to hear about the bowlers trying out new variations at new times of the year. Taking full advantage of the lawns and the game options will only add to the fun and the enthusiasm. I look forward to stopping by to watch the action!

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