Annual General Meeting 2018

Victoria Lawn Bowling Club’s Annual General Meeting on October 28, 2018 was attended by 47 members, an excellent turnout exceeding the required quorum. Reports of President MaryLynne Rimer and various Committee Chairs reflected a very successful year both in terms of increased membership and Club activity.

Bowling Games Chair Anita McCaw emphasized the popularity of league bowling and George Gibson’s Loonie Fun games, daily draws and tournaments. The sports of lawn bowling and croquet have successfully integrated and members are playing either or both. The Club purchased additional croquet equipment. Croquet will continue to be played throughout the year/3x a week and a green will also be open during the fall/winter for bowlers who wish to extend the season (weather permitting).

Photo credits: Nigel Pieloth

John Wigle reported that 25 groups, Lawn Summer Nights and St. Michael’s rented our facilities for private bowling events over the summer. Each event was hosted by Club volunteers who introduced attendees to the sport.

Committee Chairs thanked the many, many volunteers—grounds and greens maintenance, hospitality, games, tournaments, special events, public relations/website, rentals, winter events to name a few—who helped make the year a resounding success.

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Perfect end pins were presented to Ralph Huston and Barb Marriott for a 6-point end in 3-bowl pairs and to Dilys McGibbon—one of this year’s skilled novices—for a 4-point end in singles. Their photos will appear in the Bowls Canada magazine.

The membership voted YES to raising the Membership Fee to $200.00 and YES to increasing the Novice Membership Fee to $175.00 (inclusive of the $25.00 lesson fee) effective March, 2019.

The 2017-18 Executive Board: President MaryLynne Rimer, Vice-President Kathy Moi, Treasurer Barb Marriott and Secretary Bill Huot were re-elected (by acclamation) for 2018-19.

Seven Executive Committee members were re-elected or elected as follows: Membership-Keith Newhouse; Games-Anita McCaw; Hospitality-Annie Boldt; Rentals-Lorne Oakes; Greens-Peter Gilchrist; House-Peter Rassenti; Public Relations-Carol Costello. Player Development and Social Chairs are unfilled. Members ratified long term member Angelina Flath as Honourary President.

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