Visitors from Scotland

Today, on a beautiful sunshiny morning, we were happy to welcome 6 visitors, 2 from the Giffnock Bowling Club in Glasgow Scotland and 4 of their golfing friends who were bowling for the first time.  They are Iain and Eleanor McDougall, Iain and Olivia Johnstone, and David and Madeline Happel. They landed in Vancouver first and then travelled to Victoria. First stop was  Butchart Gardens. They really enjoyed the beauty of the gardens. Next was our club to throw a few bowls and visit. We compared the age of our respective clubs(they win by 14 years) and similar memberships plus other activities around bowling.. Then they were off to the putting green in the park where the statue of Robbie Burns will greet them.

They plan on visiting a few more sites in Victoria before heading back to Vancouver and driving through the mountains to Jasper and then back to Vancouver for the return flight to Glasgow. They are in for a spectacular journey.

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