Third ‘Loonie’ Fun Draw

More than sixty lawn bowlers, croqueters and spectators turned out on Saturday to enjoy the last organized bowling/social event of the summer. The popularity of George’s ‘Loonie’ Fun Draws was apparent by the record number of participants.

The afternoon started off with four skills activities: Checkerboard, Draw the Shot, Peas in a Pod and Sideline Jack. Bowlers were allowed two bowls per skill as they worked their way around the circuit. Those who met the test pocketed 25 to 75 cents for each win.

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The main event was preceded by a mass Spider draw.

Can’t get more authentic than this!

Teams then played 12-end triples divided into two mini-games: Yardstick in which each player delivered 3 bowls and  Pro ‘10’ using two bowls. In Yardstick, the team with bowl closest to the jack earned 2 points and all other bowls inside the yard radius scored 1 point. Pro ‘10’ used a 4,3,2,1 point system. Scores for the 12 ends were cumulative.

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Several croquet players participated in the bowling skills and games while others enjoyed their own ‘fun’ game on the lower green. A social hour for all attendees followed.

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After George’s calculations at the end of the ‘Loonie’ Fun Draw, each winning bowling team took home a portion of the winners’ pot (entry fee of a ‘Loonie’ per player). Team Dorothy Geary, John Wigle and Gopala Gowda accumulated the highest number of points.

Winners of 3rd ‘Loonie’ Fun Draw: Gopala, Dorothy and John

Thanks to Anita McCaw for tending the bar and organizing a delicious spread of hot/ cold appetizers and baked goodies. Double thanks to George Gibson for planning another fun afternoon and all those who helped make the day so enjoyable (Kirby at registration desk; Mary, Ralph, Alice during skills play, kitchen volunteers and numerous others).


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