3-Bowl Pairs League

The season’s second 3-Bowl Pairs League wrapped up on Tuesday. Eight teams played in round robin format over eight Tuesday evenings. Each team consisted of a seasoned player and a 1-3 year novice.

In addition to the $10.00 entry fee, the prize pot was enhanced by a generous contribution from Bill Huot. Everyone went home with a few dollars in their pocket. Each team was awarded $1 per game point and the top four teams shared the balance of the prize money.

The group gathered outside in the last rays of sun to await final results.

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Cathy Korpela/Udita Oterholm tied for 1st place with Bill Huot/Libby Weiser for games won. The Korpela team took first prize in a tie breaker (early game win over the Huot team).

1st Cathy Korpela/Udita Oterholm
Close 2nd place Bill Huot/Libby Weiser

Coming in third were Ralph Huston/Barb Marriott and fourth George Gibson/Lyle Roberts.

Everyone agreed the evening time slot and game format were most enjoyable. Once again, thank you George for all the work put into organizing the event, keeping track of scores, green set up etc. and to anyone else who lent a hand.

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