Loonie ‘Fun’ Nite

Without a doubt, the club’s first LOONIE ‘FUN’ NITE was a great success. Thanks to the organizational skills of George Gibson and his army of volunteers, over 50 members (34 bowlers/13 croquet players) and guests enjoyed a FUN-FILLED evening of bowling-related activities/croquet, BBQ burgers with all the trimmings, a wet-bar and ample opportunity to socialize.

From 4 to 5 pm, bowlers participated in challenging skills activities on the upper green: jack accuracy, draws to ditch, line of aim and trailing jack to ditch. Prizes ranged from 25 cents to a Loonie.

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From 5 to 6:15, hungry participants filled plates with salad/fixings set out by the kitchen crew and burgers skillfully grilled by Peter. Some enjoyed their meal at inside tables, others sat outside to soak in the evening sun. Fun-filled activity, food, drink, friendship, a spectacular setting…one couldn’t ask for more!

The evening was rounded off by a 2-bowl Triples game of two 5-end sets. Each team was allowed a one-end ‘Power Play’ opportunity to double their score. If each team won a set or tied a set, they played a tie-breaker end.

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All winning teams won a prize, top prize going to the team who won both games (ties determined by differential).


Siri Jayatunge, Chris Jones, Angelina Flath

Thank you George for organizing this inspirational evening and to each and every person that contributed to its success.

If you couldn’t attend this time, don’t miss the next LOONIE ‘FUN’ NITE on Wednesday, August 29th.

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