Founders Day 2018

Founders Day celebrates the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club’s 109th year, but more importantly it is a day to acknowledge and reconnect with long term members of the Club. Past and present members seated at the table of honour have celebrated or are near their 90th birthday. Most have recently retired from the greens and a few are still actively bowling, surely a testimony to the positive aspects of the sport of bowls.

Seated at this year’s table of honour are Terry Delaney, Harry Lever, Peter Reader, Iain Fletcher, Knut Berg, Vera Creelman, Isabel Clemson and Joan Garwood.

A large turnout of members and guests (39) celebrated the day by either playing (3 rinks of triples and 2 doubles in a ten end game) or watching while catching up on old times.

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Everyone then moved inside to enjoy the special strawberry shortcake and tea prepared and served by this year’s Hospitality Committee: Annie Boldt, Anne Novak, Rose Westcott and Caroline Mitchell.

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Photo credits (indoor photos): Nigel Pieloth

President MaryLynne Rimer took the opportunity to present 25-year member pins to Iain Fletcher, Joan Garwood, Vera Creelman and Knut Berg. A prize was handed out to the team of Debra Whitman and Ken Hicks for delivering the most jack-touchers (10) during the 10-end game.

Thank you Debra for organizing the attendance of honoured guests and the Hospitality Committee/volunteers for the beautiful bouquets and table settings and preparing/serving refreshments. See more about the very much appreciated contribution of the Hospitality Committee on our Volunteers page here.